Online Giving

Online Giving/Donation Instructions

1 time Donation

  1. Select Fund 2. Choose OneTime 3. Enter Amount  4. Click “Add Donation” 5. Verify Correct Amount in Box 6. Click “Next” 7. Enter Name & Address 8. Choose from “checking” or “savings” 9. Enter account number & bank routing number (payments secured by Vanco Payments) and click “Next”

Recurring Donation

  1. Choose Fund From Drop Down 2. Click on “One Time” & A Pop-Up Box will appear that says “Please sign in to set up recurring payments”  3. Click Sign In 4.  Click “Create Your GivePlus Account” 5.  A registration box will appear, complete the fields & click submit. You will now be able to choose recurring from the drop-down box.

Please note: If you do not have the Internet or choose not to give online, feel free to contact Brenda in the office at either 712-225-4969 or 712-371-3659. Your giving is very much appreciated and will be put to good use!