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    Solid Insulated Switchgear Panel SIS
    HDVniGear450/ 550 Series are currently the smallest centrally installed withdrawable switchgears with the highest insulation performance and applicable altitude up to 3000m. They adopt APG solid insulating and sealing technology which is first used in the world,
    HDVniGear450/ 550 Series modular type metal-enclosed and withdrawable switchgear (fully sealed and solid insulated) (hereinafter referred to as switchgear)have been made by SANDIAN through independent research and development. They are applicable to 3~10kV, three phase AC, 50 or 60 Hz indoor complete set of distribution equipment with single busbar and busbar sectionalizing systems for power transmission of small and medium-sized generators in power plants, power distribution of industrial and mining enterprises, power transformation and power transmission of secondary substation of electric power system as well as starting of large high voltage motors for purpose of controlling, protecting and monitoring.
    The switchgear fully complies with the standards with of IEC298, IEC 62271-200, GB3906 and has complete interlocking function for prevention from load push-pull circuit breaker handcart, circuit breaker misoperation, turning circuit breaker off with closed grounding switch, switching on grounding switch when energized and entering into charged spacing. It can be equipped with our VCM -12 Vacuum circuit breaker. Indeed, it is a power distribution unit with superior performance. Switchgear Panel manufacturers